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The job market scenario-7 Occupations With the Highest Hiring Demand Featured

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Fear of pink slips! Gosh!! I hope I have a job for the coming week…

Friday is no more a dreadful day, the job scenario is ever-changing. The need for the right people is on the rise, it is just a matter of matching the right person with the right job. Who can do it better than the Accent Staffing, the professionals employment company in USA. Being the leading company in the job scenario, at Accent Staffing you are sure to find the right job and as well as the right candidate.

The dynamic vacancy and person scenario is effectively handled with excellent matching combinations by our experts at Accent Staffing. On your success depends our success! We at Accent Staffing continuously survey and research the job market to identify the job opportunities and hiring demands. We match the right skill with the job from the companies and people registered with us to ensure you get jobs that suit your profile and the companies get the employees who are right for the job. Basically we follow the golden rule of human resource management ‘ right candidate for the right job for optimal utilization of resources and success of the organization’.

Want to know what are the top what are the top 7 occupations that have the highest market demand? Here it is compiled for you to find the right job or develop your skills accordingly.

1. Nurses

The demand for registerd nurses has gone up by almos 30% as compared to the last year. The hospital industry is one of the fastest growing industry the world over. The need for trained nurses is going to increase by leas and bounds. Over 222,000 ad posting are found across the web for registerd nurses. The average salary range is between $ 72,000 to $ 80,000.

2. Computer system analyst :

Computing is going to gain more and more importance in the years to come. With data storage and analysis being most important. Computer system analysts will play a major role in a big or small business. About 11% growth is seen in hiring demand for analysts. The average salary for a computer system analyst is in the range of $83,000 to $ 100,000.

3. Web developers

All the businesses in the world are going to be routed through the internet only. Web developers are in great demand and this demand will keep growing. As a web developer, you have to be different to get that edge in growth amongst other developers. The average salary for a web developer ranges from $83,000 to $ 100,000.

4. Manager for retail sales

You have to be smart, outgoing, polite, well groomed and a good administrator. First line supervisors is another great job opportunity that is in high demand. Gone are the days when school kids did a part time job at stores. Trained and skilled professionals are required to manage the retail sales as the global market has shrunk greatly. Though the hiring demand fell by almost 10% as compared to last year, this is one good line of work that will have a market demand in the future. The average salary range is $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.

5. Computer application software engineer

Almost all the trade and communication in the world is going to be through the world wide web. Various computer application softwares are being developed which need to be maintained as well. Computer application software engineers will be in great demand as the global market scenario will be encompassed by tablets, desktops, laptops and smartphones very soon. As a computer application software engineer you can expect a salary between $ 91,000 to $ 106,000.

6. Truck, heavy, tractor-trailer drivers

Heavy vehicle driver have tremendous job opportunities. The market demand for these drivers will keep increasing as supply chain is going to be a much bigger business than what it is today. An almost 36% percent growth has been observed in this job field and the average salary range nationally is around $ 35,000 to $ 50,000.

7. Retail sales personnel

No matter how popular online shopping may become, there is always going to be retail stores where retail sales persons will be required. A slight dip was observed as compared to last year, but the demand for retail sales person will be on a steady rise as buying after seeing and feeling the product is the basic need of shoppers. You can expect an average salary ranging from $ 21,000 to $ 30,000.

No matter what your skills and qualifications, there is a job for almost every person and there is a right candidate for every job only if you know where to look for them. Simply registering with Accent Staffing maximizes the chances of finding the right person for the righ job. Nobody understands the needs better than the experts here. At Accent Staffing you can be assured of finding the highly skilled and reliable people as we understand personnel management and its challenges. With our extensive database, we can always find the right employee to match the skills that are required for your organization so that the employee skill is utilized to the maximum and so are your profits.

Whether you are looking out for a temporary or permanent job or for an employee for a vacant post, do contact us now to get the best quote and the facilities that we offer for the benefit for the applicant and the employer.
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